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Web Woods Tree Service is a licensed, bonded and insured tree service company proudly serving Berks County for over 5 years. We provide tree services to home owners, property managers, real estate investors, local utility companies, local and city municipalities, and commercial properties.

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Tree Services We Offer

tree trimming service

Tree Trimming

As trees continue to age and grow, they often require trimming to help shape them, direct their growth, or help them continue healthy growth. Trees that grow without being trimmed can often grow out-of-control and become more a nuisance and/or safety hazard.

Trees can often grow over your home or business, cover sidewalks and streets, and most commonly grow too close to power lines. It is important to take the proper steps to safely trim trees so that they are no longer a nuisance and so you do not kill the tree in the process.

Do you have trees that are growing too large, or growing out-of-control? Call the experts at Web Woods Tree Service to safely trim your trees away from your home, business, or power lines. We are licensed, insured, and have the proper equipment to safely trim your trees.

tree removal service

Tree Removal

Sometimes it is preferred to remove trees from your home or business rather than trimming them. Trees that have grown too large, are dead and rotting, or are simply no longer wanted can be removed with the proper equipment.

At Web Woods Tree Service, we have over 12 years of experience removing trees. No matter how large or small, the experts at Web Woods can safely remove trees from your home or business.

We have licensed and insured expert tree climbers on-staff, who are ready to take on any tree no matter how tall it may be. We also have the proper equipment, including booms trucks and lifts, to help reach the tallest of trees.

stump grinding and removal

Stump Grinding & Removal

Whether your trees are freshly removed, or you have an aging stump from a previously removed tree, removing the stumps and deep roots can be a daunting task. The proper tools and equipment can make the job easier, but still a timely task.

While simply hooking the stumps to a tractor or vehicle and towing the stump out of the ground might sound like a good idea, often times inexperience can lead to extensive damage to your tractor or vehicle. We DO NOT recommend you try this method!

Web Woods has the proper equipment to safely remove even the largest of tree stumps. Even if the stump has been aging in the ground for years, we can still remove it.

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