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Lawn Care

Web Woods Contracting can maintain your lawn and help you grow a lush, green, weed-free yard with our various lawn care services.

Commercial Lawn Care

commercial-lawn-care-in-berksWeb Woods offers commercial lawn care services to businesses in Berks County and surrounding areas. Whether you manage a shopping center, corporate building, school or campus, apartment complex, nursing home, or other commercial space, count on Web Woods to provide top-notch lawn care service.

Residential Lawn Care

residential-lawn-care-in-berksWeb Woods offers residential lawn care services to Berks County homeowners, ensuring that your lawn is healthy and property is well maintained. We offer weekly and bi-weekly service options to best suit homeowner’s needs.


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Lawn Care Services We Offer

Grass Cutting

Web Woods offers weekly and bi-weekly grass cutting services to help maintain your lawn, keep it freshly cut, and growing healthy.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn is important to help air, water, and nutrients penetrate the soil, fueling your lawn. Lawn Aeration helps grow a stronger, healthier grass that is more lush and green.

Lawn Seeding

Seeding your lawn is important to help grow new healthy grass, which may replace older, dying grass. Web Woods provides seeding services from seeding dead spots, to entire lawns.

Storm Cleanup

Web Woods can handle all of your storm cleanup needs, taking care of leaves, grass, branches, fallen trees, and more.

String Trimming

Web Woods lawn care services include string trimming to clean up grass around flower beds, driveways, sidewalks and other areas hard to reach with mowers and tractors.

Blow-off  Walkways and Driveways

Web Woods will ensure to blow off walkways and driveways of all grass trimmings, leaves, and other small debris.

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