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Emergency Tree Service & Removal

Need emergency tree removal or service? Hire the experts and let your home owner's insurance cover the damages!

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Web Woods Contracting is a FirstEnergy Licensed Contractor.

Do you need emergency tree service or tree removal? Hire the professionals and Web Woods Contracting, a licensed, bonded, and insured company. We can help with the removal of broken limbs and fallen trees, which are often times covered by your home owners insurance.

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Trees Fallen on Your Home

We can help. Often times insurance companies require to trees to be removed so they can properly assess the damages. And in almost all cases, insurance companies will our tree removal service!

Trees Fallen on Powerlines

We work with local utilities companies to safely clear fallen trees and branches from electrical lines, enabling them to restore power to your neighborhood.

Trees Fallen on The Road

We work with local townships and municipalities to help remove trees and branches that have fallen over roadways. We work quickly to safely clear roadways and reduce traffic accidents and delays.

Trees Fallen on Cars

We work with local police, emergency services, and insurance companies to help safely remove fallen trees and branches from vehicles. Whether parked, or on the road, we can work swiftly in any situation to help ensure your safety, and the safety of others.


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